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DONO – About us

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Linked with DONO is AEHRF’s new partner in the Central Asian Republic of Tajikistan, and with our presentation in russian: О нас.

Intellectual and Educational Center “DONO” is formally and officially registered as an LLC at the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Tajikistan in 2007. The Ministry of Education of the Republic of Tajikistan has accorded formal permission to DONO to carry on its legitimate activities in social service.

Activity of DONO is supplementary (ancillary) to formal education.

Our vision
Our Organization draws inspiration from these words of great epic poet Firdausi in 10th century A.D.

Tavono buvad har ki dono buvad.
“ A knowledgeable person is also a strong person”
DONO in Tajik means “a knowledgeable person”, hence the short name of our center.

Bringing knowledge and awareness is our goal and all our activities are related to this vision.

The mission of DONO is to assist and facilitate society, especially younger generation to get knowledge and skills that help them to live an independent and respectful life in modern world. We believe that necessary knowledge has the potential to change people’s life in the best way.

Professional approach and quality of teaching ensure the desired result which is access to reliable knowledge.

DONO conducts classes using modern methods of interactive learning. The center is facilitated with modern techniques, progressive informational base and it is developing to make the learning process maximally effective.

Other areas of activity include translation making, working out and adopting the programs of improving study skills based on progressive methods developed by professionally competent educational research institutions. We arrange visiting faculties to speak occasionally to students on current trends in learning.

An important area of dissemination of knowledge with our organization is requisitioning of native English teachers – volunteers invited to create conducive environment for learning English as the world communication language.

Students successfully completing the course are given certificates.

Contact us: DONO, 735700, 20 distr., 32-26, Khujand, Tajikistan, tel: (992-3422) – 6-49-28,
e-mail, Director: Firouza Osimi.